Warwick Bridge Preservation Society

The community launched this share offer to lease and finish the fitting out of the Mill and Bakery situated in Warwick Bridge Corn Mill. They reached their target with over 200 investors!

Warwick Bridge Corn Mill, a Grade II listed building, on the Heritage at Risk Register. Warwick Bridge Corn Mill sits on the site of the medieval manorial mill dating from the 13th Century. Today the structure of the mill has been restored and the historic machinery has been returned to working order to allow corn to be milled at the mill again. 

Warwick Bridge Preservation Society successfully raised the share capital to enable the project to go ahead; to restore the building and to reinstate food production using renewable energy. This community business has provided a great good news story in these C-19 times as they sped up their plans to restart stoneground flour production for the first time in almost 30 years. They are now supplying local shops, including fellow community businesses!

During the unprecedented times of C-19 pandemic and lockdown, we saw the resilience of businesses using the community shares model and where the communities are involved. Community-owned businesses are very committed to serving the communities in which they are embedded and by whom they are owned. Their small size means they are able to be particularly flexible and agile, diversifying at pace as we have seen during the lockdown period with many transforming into community food hubs and support networks that have proved essential to the community at large.