Nudge Community Builders

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign Nudge have secured £206,750 with 165 investors in 67 days to bring The Clipper on Union Street back in to use for long term community benefit.

Nudge Community Builders was set up by local people who have been volunteering and leading Stonehouse Action in Plymouth for many years. They kick started the Street Party, created Union Corner and are inspired by the community to do more.

They are renovating the derelict Clipper building to create two homes to meet local need and a mini market area on the ground floor. They do this working with the community in a way that invests in the community every step of the way.

They are bringing buildings back in to use that have had a negative effect on the area for many years, to make the street start to feel more vibrant. Nudge work in a collaborative way with the local community to avoid gentrification, while creating buildings that are genuinely accessible and of benefit to the community, to help people there to grow and thrive.