Hulme Community Garden Centre

From Parking Lot to Paradise: help the people of Hulme Community Garden Centre grow their indoor space and social impact.

The overall purpose of the share offer was to further develop Hulme Community Garden Centre making it financially more stable and better able to deliver its social impact.

Hulme in Manchester, and the surrounding area, is a rapidly changing community, consisting of the remains of a traditional working community, many years of active citizens experimenting with co-operatives and “alternative living”. More recent development, associated with the university, is bringing the next generation of people into this community that is at the forefront of pioneering solutions to the challenges faced by the residents of Manchester and of wider society, from mental health through social inclusion to climate change.

Hulme Community Garden Centre is a charity owned by its community, employing 9 local people and with a turnover of £300K per annum. Originally a community garden project established on the current site by three local people in the late 1990’s looking to create a public green space from an area of scrubland, and to encourage healthy living through gardening and sustainable food growing, HCGC opened the gates to the public in 2000.

The plan for the 2019 development draws on all the consultation work carried out over the last four years to address the needs identified. It will create a bigger shop, functional office space, new toilets, warm hub for volunteers and an improved cafe.

The Booster Programme supported this application as it is working in a deprived area and an under-represented trade sector for community shares. It serves a community of interest in a nearby central urban geographic community with strong volunteer and user support bases and so there are comparisons to be explored with other urban projects projects. It also adds to the Booster Programme portfolio theme of green space/therapy/holistic projects.

The share offer successfully raised £204,850 from 221 investors in 42 days!


Why did Booster support this business?

  • HCGC is located in a third decile index of multiple deprivation, and is in an under-represented trade sector for community shares use.
  • There were parallels between HCGC and Projekts MCR; both are established entities in Manchester serving a community of interest in a nearby central urban geographic community with strong volunteer and user support bases. We can benchmark these businesses in the future as part of the research work of the Booster.
  • It adds to the Booster portfolio of green/eco themed businesses (Eden-Rose Community Trust, Whistlewood Common,  Sutton Community Farm).