9.3.3 Your Practitioners

The application asks you to provide details of the practitioners and providers you plan to work with as part of your development work. 

Firstly, if you have included applying for the Community Shares Standard Mark as an activity to be funded by the grant, then you are required to either:

  • Nominate a licensed practitioner to undertake the Community Shares Standard Mark
  • Indicate whether you be willing to work with a trainee practitioner (A trainee practitioner is working towards becoming licensed and their work will be reviewed by the Community Shares Unit)

More information about your involvement with the Standard Mark as part of the Booster Programme can be found in the guidance here. 

If you decide to nominate a licensed practitioner, then please make contact with them in advance of making this application, to check that they are willing to be your nominated practitioner. Please bear in mind that this practitioner cannot also be engaged by you to write your business plan or offer document, unless the person is a trainee practitioner. 

Beyond this, you will be asked to provide details of any other providers you plan to work with on activities funded by the development grant. 

If you have any questions on the content included within the guidance, please contact the team.