9.2.3 Your beneficiaries

We would like to know more about your beneficiaries i.e. who your community business is trying to help. 

You will be asked to detail the following: 

a. Who are the people you are trying to help? Are they from a specific age group, gender, community? What are their needs?

b. Why are these needs not being met elsewhere? Why is your organisation well placed to meet these needs?

c. How your project will work to include groups which may, in the absence of such effort, be excluded from participation in your project. For example, people with disabilities

d. If your community business is working with a specific group, e.g. people who are long-term un-employed, how does your work affect others in your local area? Do other people in the local area benefit from your work?


If your organisation is raising investment to purchase and/or refurbish a building, Power to Change expects the refurbished building to be accessible to people with disabilities and compliant with all relevant legislation.


If you have any questions on the content included within the guidance, please contact the team.