3.2.3 Strategic objectives of the programme

Based on this overarching purpose, the deployment of Booster investment is governed by a series of strategic objectives:

  1. To deploy the funds allocated in a timely and effective manner
  2. To set best practice standards for an institutional investor in the community shares market and to encourage and collaborate with other institutional investors into the community shares market
  3. To support the development of the community shares market as a whole by addressing amongst other things the challenges listed above
  4. To capture and disseminate learning from the deployment of grant and investment funds into the community shares market
  5. To build on the successful deployment of the Pilot to create a viable portfolio of shareholdings to allow Co-operatives UK or its successor body to be an active investor over the medium term
  6. To leverage further investment and to develop ancillary services to create a resilient future for an institutional investor in the community shares market
  7. To work towards a long-term ambition to enable societies to generate sufficient capital from their members, and so be independent of institutional investment

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