7 Programme research and learning

The Booster Programme aims to develop new forms of investment proposition, institutional support, and business appraisal methodologies. We do this through the operation of the programme itself, the application assessment processes, the outcomes achieved by the development grants, and our role as active investors in your society.

Throughout your involvement in the programme, we will ask you to evaluate and feedback your experience to help us understand the effectiveness of our actions. When we make you an offer of support, be it a development grant or equity match, we will suggest some learning objectives to guide your interaction with the Booster Programme. These learning objectives are not mandatory, but we will expect you and your nominated practitioner to support our learning and evaluation activities. You will be required to contribute data to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the different investment propositions.

If you are in receipt of a development grant, you will be required to submit a post-grant report to us detailing how the grant was spent, what it produced, what progress was made and how it was useful. It will also ask you to reflect on the operation of the Booster Programme, such as the administration, the ease of draw down and the business appraisal methodologies we employ.

If you are in receipt of equity match, we will stay in touch with you as active investors and members of your society, and we will use this relationship as our vehicle for research into institutional investment. 



If you have any questions on the content included within the guidance, please contact the team.