3.2.4 Guidance criteria governing investments under the programme

  1. The programme is confined at this stage to England only
  2. It is intended to make investments over a three-year period from the beginning of 2018 calendar year in roughly equal amounts over the three-year period (subject to review if additional resources are attracted)
  3. Investment criteria will include consideration of: (in conjunction with achieving the Strategic Objectives)
  • Community benefit
  • Relative deprivation of target community
  • Applicant willingness to engage with the programme and comply with best practice standards.
  • Geography
  • Business Sector / model for other places
  • Innovative features of business model, offer structure, offer promotion (see Investment propositions)
  • Return on equity offered against risk
  • Withdrawability / liquidity
  • Leverage / match funding
  • Availability of alternative sources of development finance, equity or loan.  

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